CyberMed Touch Screen Monitors

22" and 24" Medical LCD Monitors

Antimicrobial, EN60601-1 Certified Medical Touchscreen Monitors

  • EN60601-1 Certified Medical LCD Monitors
    Meets electrical and radiation safety standards to ensure patient safety

  • Antimicrobial Housing
    Protects patients and staff from the spread of microbes.

  • Waterproof IP65 Sealed Front Bezel and IPX1 Back Cover
    A waterproof front bezel allows for thorough cleaning and chemical disinfection of the medical grade monitors.

  • Medical Touchscreen Monitors with Antiglare Technology
    The antiglare technology of these medical touchscreen monitors increases readability and reduces reflections in a variety of lighting conditions.

  • Widescreen 16:9 Aspect Ratio
    The optimal screen ratio for viewing most EMR and medical programs.

  • Ideal for Many Medical Environments
    Cybernet medical grade monitors are ideal for hospital operating rooms, endoscopy, PACS and other medical applications.

Screen Size
1920 x 1080
Touch Panel
CPU Support
Ingress Protection
IP65 Front IPX1 Back
6.5 KG
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The CyberMed computer screens are engineered to help prevent the spread of dust, germs, and harmful microbes, and can be cleaned with monitor cleaner or disinfectant spray.

VESA Mountable

Cybernet's medical grade monitors support 75/100 VESA hole patterns and can be mounted to walls or almost any surface using standard VESA mount options.

PCAP Multi-Touch

Optional edge-to-edge tempered glass with anti-glare technology. With PCAP multi-touch, gestures such as "two finger swiping" and "pinch zooming" can be used with our medical grade monitors.

Easy to Clean & Disinfect

Because our medical grade monitors have a waterproof front panel and the touchscreen is edge-to-edge which leaves no crevices, they can be cleaned and disinfected with ease making them an ideal choice for sterile environments in health care settings.


Internal IPS panel provides better-viewing angle that will prove essential for critical care environments such as operating rooms where surgeons may not have a direct viewing angle.


Use our Medical LCD Monitors with any Tower PC or Mini Rugged

When you already have the computer but you need a medical grade monitor, you want to be sure that the monitor is a true medical grade monitor. Cybernet monitors come standard with an antimicrobial housing and are EN60601-1 Certified.

Responsive, Durable Touchscreen Technology

With the optional PCAP multi-touch screen, our medical grade monitors offer the ultimate performance in both accuracy and robustness. Responding even to surgical gloved fingers, this long-lasting and high-quality touch screen is waterproof and unaffected by cleaning, making it a breeze to disinfect.

Waterproof Housing / IP65 Sealed

Our medical grade monitors have a zero-gap front bezel rendering the monitor waterproof. The construction enables hassle-free disinfection using commercial cleaning solutions. The monitors are ruggedized to handle pressurized liquid stream, without any of the droplets damaging the exterior or seeping their way to the internal circuitry.

This is particularly important in sterile environments where you need to disinfect the monitors with chemical cleaners.

Optional Antiglare and Antireflective Technology

The antiglare and antireflective technology allows for a better viewing experience. No matter where you are standing, you don't get the reflective glare that makes viewing the data on the monitor impossible. This is particularly important in operating rooms with very bright ceiling lights. Instead you see crisp, clear data and images from any angle.

3-5 Year Product Life Cycle

With our 3~5 year product life cycle, you can count on being able to order the exact same medical grade monitor in a year or two. By having the same monitor, you save time and money in IT resources. If you need to replace a medical grade monitor, you can get the exact same monitor.

EN60601-1 Certified

Our medical LCD monitors have been EN60601-1 certified. They have gone through rigorous testing to be sure that they are safe for near patient use and do not pose radiation or electrical risks to patients or providers.

Embedded Privacy Filter

An optional embedded privacy filter can be included in our medical grade monitors. This is ideal for maintaining the privacy of medical records in open, high traffic area and stay in compliance with HIPAA regulations. With an embedded privacy filter, you can easily clean the monitor’s screen without reducing the effectiveness of the privacy filter.

Antimicrobial Housing - Ideal for Point of Care

Our medical grade monitors are the ideal Point-of-Care device for critical care environments. The antimicrobial germ protection stops the spread of microbes to help protect patients and practitioners. The antimicrobial properties of the monitor housing stand up to chemical washes and thorough cleaning without losing their effectiveness.

Great for Medical Carts in Conjunction with a Mini Rugged PC

Mini Rugged Computers are small but powerful computers that can handle the vibration and general beating that cart computers take. This, combined with a medical monitor, is an ideal total solution for point of care carts.

Second Display with All-In-One PC

Use a Cybernet medical monitor in conjunction with one of our medical grade PCs for dual display mode. Both are EN60601-1 certified with an antimicrobial housing and safe for near patient use.

Free Lifetime Phone Support

DPI Medical offers local or Cybernet complimentary U.S. telephone support for every product we sell, for as long as you own your product. Unlike other manufacturers, we don't charge you for telephone support after one year.

Extended Warranties

With an extended warranty, you can add an extra layer of protection to our already industry-leading warranty term. We offer extended warranties for this product: up to 5 years.


DPI Medical is seriously committed to giving our clients a seamless and straight-forward experience with your medical monitors. We hold support units in Wellington. Should there be any issues, we will immediately ship a support loan unit overnight, so that our clients can continue without interruption while the original unit is being assessed and repaired. There is no charge for this service within the warranty period, and can be added as an on-going lifetime option.