Powered SV42-7302-4 StyleView SV42 LCD Pivot Cart Lift

The versatile and compact StyleView medical cart with electric lift provides 20 inches (51 cm) of adjustment to simultaneously move the worksurface and keyboard to match changing workflows. Designed for any caregiver, the electric lift removes user effort and supports multiple drawers and heavier loads. At the push of a button, caregivers can go from sitting to standing for a comfortable, ergonomic fit that adjusts farther and faster than our competitors’ electric carts.

  • Electric lift reduces the user force to zero for effortless adjustment between sitting and standing

  • Meets the needs of an expanding demographic of healthcare users by providing accessibility for all—older, shorter or taller caregivers or those with physical limitations

  • Adjusts the full 20" (51 cm) range in less than 15 seconds with a simple up and down switch

  • Allows users to raise or lower the keyboard and display in one simple motion for an easy, ergonomic fit

  • Auto-stop sensor prevents the lift engine from lowering too far

  • Electric lift comes with a three-year warranty

  • LiFe makes the cart extremely lightweight and easy to move

  • Ultrafast recharge ensures caregiver and cart uptime: A full recharge from full discharge can be completed in about two hours

  • Long battery ‘LiFe’ minimizes time and cost for maintenance and replacement

  • For patient and caregiver safety the entire power system and the FULL cart are certified to UL/EN/IEC 60601-1. Complies with EMI limits of FCC Part 15 Class A

  • Truly ergonomic design accommodates the largest range of nurses and other caregivers; designed for sitting or standing to promote caregiver wellness and productivity

  • Surfaces are treated with antimicrobial for product protection

  • Open-architecture design accommodates multiple configurations: closed notebooks with monitor, CPU and monitor, thin clients, tablets, all-in-one computers and future hardware upgrades