LiFeKinnex Replacement Battery 98-246

Battery Life 245WH 12.8V

LiFeKinnex™ Battery - Warranty 2,000 cycles or two years to 80% nominal capacity

Alleviate power anxiety on medical carts with this innovative battery system designed to support multiple workflows, including hot swap or on-cart charging. The three-part system—battery, smart battery dock and optional external four-bay charger—minimizes downtime by monitoring battery run-time with a LCD screen and using the unique magnetic connection feature for an easy swapping process.

Safe and reliable, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe) battery technology supports about twice as many cycles as Lithium Ion batteries and up to six times the amount of cycles compared to SLA batteries.

Product Features:

  • Designed for multiple workflows—on-cart charging or hot swap—so caregivers can focus less on battery time remaining and more on patient care

  • Flexible architecture helps IT departments maximize fleet investments by adapting to non-powered carts and changing technology

  • LiFe battery technology minimizes safety risks often associated with Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries

  • Supports more cycles leading to fewer replacements

  • Unique magnetic alignment feature creates a quick and easy battery swap

  • User-friendly 3.5" LCD screen displays the remaining run time in hours and minutes

  • Allows you to check the battery charge level without being docked

  • Screen offers flexible mounting options, making it compatible with different carts, equipment and user preferences

  • Enhances existing cart design without adding bulk and creates a streamlined look with built-in cable management and cover

  • Integrates with Ergotron’s cloud-based fleet management software to provide data on battery time remaining, cycle count and more via a comprehensive dashboard

  • Optional compact, four-bay wall/desk charger sits on a desk or mounts on the wall or in a hallway to charge up to four batteries at once in under four hours with a battery light indicating the charge level

  • Compatible with StyleView® SV10 and SV4X carts, CareFit™ Slim medical carts, Neo-Flex® carts and WorkFit-C workstations